Tessy is president of Tessy Tanyi Ministries. She is a graduate of Masters of Divinity, and currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry from Oral Roberts University, and at the same time, traveling extensively around the globe as a voice of hope to the nations and an agent of change to her generation and generations to follow. The light of Christ within her shines in every realm of shadow and darkness she faces, bringing forth a powerful radiance of God’s presence and glory.

Tessy’s message is that each was created to live in God’s presence, and she believes she was born to help them recover that relationship that was lost due to the inherited sin of Adam and Eve. God earnestly awaits for each individual to reunite with Him and to have an intimate, profound, vibrant love relationship with Him.

Tessy believes that only after this relationship has been restored will such individuals be able to truly discover their divine purpose and potential, activate it, and maximize it for use for God’s glory.

Her message’s central theme is the maximization of individual potential, including the transformation of the seed in her followers into trees and trees into the forest; to provide shade for their generations and generations to follow.